@craigmaloney I learned a similar lesson training AI models this week. A loosely defined reward system will always be exploited.

@welshpixie That explains why my autocorrect didn’t like the word Copic at all. The results are mesmerizingly good!

@welshpixie is that pattern drawn by hand? (I have no idea what a nib/copic multiliner is)

@lucas @cassidyjames which I know is exactly your point. Nothing can standardize because Apple was brave enough to skip RCS implementation 🙃😉

@cassidyjames oh! I don’t want you to think I missed your point. I totally get it, but for a brief second I thought I may have missed something with changes to iMessage.

Androids outsell IPhones pretty significantly and I have encountered your situation a few times. Over the years my workflow is simply this: if I see a green outline when I text you for the first time, the conversation gets handled in Signal.

@cassidyjames Last time I read their technical white paper on iMessage (a year ago) everything you said only applies if “iMessage in iCloud” is enabled, do you know if that’s still true? I feel it’s safe to assume it is, but if you know it’s not then I’ll shut it. I agree about RCS > SMS.

@cassidyjames AND RCS isn’t end to end encrypted like iMessage.

@cassidyjames it really depends on your social bubble because I fell exactly the same way about iMessage. Besides the fact I’ve never felt like trying out Android for a year, I mean.

@seb Damn good thread! Thanks for the suggestion!

The Web Needs to Die: A Long Rant 

@docskrzyk damn good post.

@seb so because their brand (the UX) is so fragile, the code must stay closed source. That just tells me trying to go back to making a business from a browser like it’s 1997 again might have not been the right move, no?

@angristan To be perfectly fair, most of what you said could be said of Twitter apps. I only ever tried two: The official app and Twitterrific. I’ve never understood the amount of hoops I had to go through on both the apps and website to do things like view threads or pivot. At least in every mastodon app outside of Mast, that fundamental element is present. But you’re right: I think I’m going to stick with Tootle for now because it’s all here, albeit utilitarian in presentation.

@welshpixie Forgive me, but is your mom Welsh? I’m usually a few tiers above most Americans when it comes to recognizing regional accents of Britain, but anyone I’ve ever met in Wales moved there from England so I just don’t have much exposure. Also, I’m so happy her gnomes are still in good spirits in spite of what seems to be a recent run of bad luck.

I subscribed! 😀

@angristan mast has always been my eye’s favorite client. However, it’s an incredibly buggy/glitchy experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

I’ve tried: Mast and Toot!, and am currently experimenting with Tootle. I find it fascinating that one of the most competitive niches of the App Store, that I’ve come across, is Mastodon Apps.

Lots of fun trying to listen to music on a Casio WMP-1 this week. youtu.be/DOyB90rgZS0

So my minidisc deck started acting foolish last week. About every 4 tracks it would start skipping around and throwing “Retry failed” errors. So I knew I was going to have to replace it, and I found one on eBay (MDS-PC2) that hooks up via serial port to be a remote control. The software is Win95/98/ME only so it was perfect for .


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