Lots of fun trying to listen to music on a Casio WMP-1 this week. youtu.be/DOyB90rgZS0

So my minidisc deck started acting foolish last week. About every 4 tracks it would start skipping around and throwing “Retry failed” errors. So I knew I was going to have to replace it, and I found one on eBay (MDS-PC2) that hooks up via serial port to be a remote control. The software is Win95/98/ME only so it was perfect for .


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I have a blog! It’s not monetized in any way, just my own place on the Internet to share my thoughts and writing, like:

• Linux-adjacent hardware
• De-Googling
• UX architecture/design
• Raspberry Pi
• Personal takes on elementary OS stuff

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Apple showing signs it may soon launch a search engine to compete against Google Search coywolf.news/seo/apple-search-


What if I said that emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and control emotions – not just our own but the emotions of others, as well?

This is not some sort of rhetoric slight of hand nor is that definition controversial. It’s common doctrine. But if authors were to say that Adolf Hitler was as adept at emotional intelligence as Martin Luther King Jr. they would not sell many books or book a lot of gigs.

I discovered blog.thehive-project.org/ today. While built for complete case management, their analysis and response engine, Cortex, can be used stand alone. Combined with MGMT, I can brainstorm some really cool automations.

The worst part of leaving the S1 ecosystem is that not everyone is as committed to maintaining/documenting their API's as we are. No man is an island, but I'm a firm believer that security strategies *should* aspire to near-island status as much as is reasonably possible.

All of this could be accomplished while you're waiting in the CVS drive through for this months COVID test.

Imagine submitting a file to a specific ML model for a signature-less and quick "Yes/No" about if it is malicious or not. Then if it comes back as malicious the response includes a list - in chronological order - of where the file has been seen before. Though most of those results will already be detected/mitigated from an agent of the same ML model installed on them, you would be able see the first time the file arrived and investigate possible propagation.



• Pentium III (Slot 1) @ 515 MHz
• 512 MB PC-100 RAM
• 3dfx Voodoo 3 (AGP)
• Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS w/ Front Panel
• Philips CD-RW (16x)
• Newq Platinum 5.25" EQ/Visualizer/FM Radio Panel
• Sony 17" VGA LCD
• Roland MA-8 Micro Monitor speakers
• Windows Millennium Edition

Minidisc Deck:

• Sony MDS-JE510

Tape Deck:

• JVC TD-W503

Reel to reel player:

• Teac A-1600


• Emerson VCR755


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